At Stuart Timber Co we mill logs into timber using the latest technology and processes, delivering quality products that last.

Stuart Timber Co have a diverse range of milled timber products on site readily available for purchase. We also offer custom milling and are equipped to mill logs up to 800mm in diameter and 6.6m in length.​The type of timber we predominantly handle is Radiata Pine. Other minor species we mill include: large Redwoods, Larch and Oregon. We always have Radiata Pine in stock, however, if you’re after timber from one of the minor species, please call us to check availability. The only timbers we won’t handle are gum or oversized logs.​Our sawmill can also cut and machine your existing timber to a smaller size, and treat it to prolong its life. The grades of treatment vary to suit the purpose that the timber is being used for and the conditions the timber will be exposed to. We can also provide kiln drying of custom milled timber with quick turnaround.


While most of our timber is kiln dried, we offer seasonally dried timber as well which is gentle on the timber.​

The kiln drying process is fast. Computer controlled using the Dryspec® Control System, the kiln ensures uniform and efficient drying of our lumber with 24-hour turnaround.​All appearance grade lumber is dried in medium temperature kilns in order to reduce the risk of distortion and residual stress levels within the lumber. All lumber is dried to spec, ensuring our customer receives a stable end product with low moisture content.​Every kiln charge has moisture content readings recorded to ensure the mean and standard deviation of the moisture content is within the required specifications of the end use of the product.​Kiln drying delivers consistent level of dryness through the timber making it more rigid and less likely to warp. Kiln dried timbers are used for internal structures and framing. Whereas air dried timbers are most commonly used for fences, farm yards, and some landscaping.​

Larger end sections, beams and poles are steamed dried.


Our planers can achieve high quality finishes on a range of products from framing to high grade clear boards. The planer mills at Stuart Timber Co produce an excellent finish and quality every time. With the ability to adjust the finish on specific products, our planers can achieve high quality finishes on a range of products from framing to high grade clear boards. Our planing facilities keep the lumber fully protected during the process.


We produce a wide range of pressure treated timber for every situation. From landscaping above ground to submerged marine piles, and everything in between.

Stuart Timber Co. CCA pressure treated pine carries a lifetime guarantee and has proven to be by far the best way to enhance the life of Radiata Pine. This process is safe and we conduct internal testing regularly to ensure safety and quality standards are met.We produce a wide range of pressure treated products.H1.2 – Suitable for internal framingH3.2 – Treatment is suitable for external use above groundH4 – Treatment is suitable for external use with ground contactH5 – Treatment is suitable for house piles, and in some cases retaining walls.H6 – Treatment is suitable for submerged timber such as marine piles. ColourPine is an exciting new product superb for outdoor structures like decks and pergolas. ColourPine is achieved when a fine pigment dye (MicroShade) is forced into the timber under pressure, creating colour that lasts even when exposed to the elements of nature for an extended period of time.

 is made from Radiata Pine but has all the aesthetics of a hardwood which is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s durable, easy to work with and cost effective. Essentially, ColourPine looks great because the colour is in the wood. Being a natural timber product we recommended that an application of nourishing oil is applied every few years.


Stuart Timber Co cuts timber to length. Products like palings, posts, pellet or box timbers, pegs, stakes and bee hive timber are all cut using our optimizing docking saw, which cuts to precision.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your timber re-manufacturing needs.